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Oh Hello! Happy New Year and Welcome to the 2015 Tax Season!  Below are important dates to schedule:

JANUARY 15th, 2016:  final 2015 Estimated Tax Payment Due

FEBRUARY 1, 2016: 1099 filings due to recipients (for business and self employed folk) In order to meet this deadline, I will need completed W9s by January 15th, 2016.  As a general rule, you should issue a 1099 to each person you have paid at least $600 in rents, services (including parts and materials), prizes and awards.  Here is the link to the IRS Form W9.

MARCH 15, 2016:  corporate tax returns due (S-corporation and C-corporation).  In order to meet this deadline I will need a backup of your company’s books and all supporting documentation by March 1, 2016.

APRIL 18, 2016:  (that’s right! this year we get a couple extra days!)  individual, partnership, estate and trust returns due.  In order to meet this deadline I will need all your tax documentation by April 1, 2016.  

MAY 15th, 2016: exempt organization returns due (non profits acting on a calendar year) if you use a fiscal year, your tax returns are due on the 15th day following your 5th month after the end of your organizations accounting period.

Here is my tax organizer:  2015 MM Tax Organizer

Happy Returns to you!

XO, Marian